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Re: slow access, strange errors

Geoff Silver wrote:
> I've tried some slapd.conf tuning, including setting:
> cachesize       100000
> dbcachesize     20000000
> index default pres,eq
> index cn,sn,mail,givenName pres,eq,sub

You should really put an index on objectclass Attribute. I'd guess your 
slapd is looking at each entry to check whether it is a referral, not 
using your indexes for searching at all. You can verify this by 
stopping and starting slapd, then doing a search on an indexed 
attribute, and a "fuser" on your DB files. There should be an open 
filehandle on the searched attributes index file.

> the only problem I'm seeing is:
> ldap_read: want=1 error=Resource temporarily unavailable
> ber_get_next on fd 9 failed errno=11 (Resource temporarily
> unavailable) do_search

That's nothing you have to worry about, AFAIK.

> Has anyone else experienced anything like this?  Is there any reason
> why slapd for pam/nss use shouldn't be nearly as fast as local /etc
> files, particularly when the LDAP server is on the local system?

Well, the index, as I said. And you should run nscd, (If you don't do 
allready.) that saves a lot of lookups.

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