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Re: openldap schema for enabling Calendaring (support for free-busy times)

>>For the past week i have been looking at RFC 2739 and seemingly
>>relavent other RFC's regarding calendaring in an LDAP server. I've
>>looked at some archived maillist discussions regarding it also, but with
>>no real solution at hand. Basically i took the skeleton "schema" from
>>the RFC and tried to import it into my openldap 2.1.4 server. I edited
>>it and put attributetype and objectclass where appropriate. I'm a TOTAL
>>newbie when it comes to ldap/schemas and such. What i'm wondering is if
>>ANYONE out there have a schema imported into openldap that will enable
>>users of outlook to share their free/busy times or point to area where
>>the free/busy time files are kept (in ical or vcard format).
>Basically, we're all trying to do it, but no-one's got any further than
>that the idea of the wheel must exist, somewhere.

This is getting a bit off topic; but "Huh?".  It works just fine, at least 
in Ximian Evolution.  I can view free/busy of a list of people, assuming 
they have a free/busy URI defined and have published information to that 
URI.  I think the real question is if clients support RFC2739.

Would be nice if someone would make a cannonical version of calEntry with 
OIDs, etc...