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Re: setting up LDAP question

ons, 2002-11-06 kl. 12:29 skrev richard lucassen:

> For the moment I just want to set up an addressbook, and maybe a Netscape 
> roaming access thing. Wouldn't it be better for someone with my LDAP 
> knowledge to stay with the stable 2.0-version?

No. Because there's always tomorrow ...

> And if it is better to stay with 2.0,

which I would contend that it isn't ... for someone in your immediate
position ...

> do I have to alter something to the 
> ldif file and the local.schema to make it upward compatible with the 
> 2.1.8 version? I won't use the auth-ldap for the moment, so I can delete 
> that entry...

... who should consider running a parallel 2.1.8 DB with GQ and finding
out for himself :-)

Also, see Kurt Zeilnga's answer of 16:45 CET today, entitled: RE: setting up LDAP question.




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