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openldap schema for enabling Calendaring (support for free-busy times)

Hello all, 
	For the past week i have been looking at RFC 2739 and seemingly
relavent other RFC's regarding calendaring in an LDAP server. I've
looked at some archived maillist discussions regarding it also, but with
no real solution at hand. Basically i took the skeleton "schema" from
the RFC and tried to import it into my openldap 2.1.4 server. I edited
it and put attributetype and objectclass where appropriate. I'm a TOTAL
newbie when it comes to ldap/schemas and such. What i'm wondering is if
ANYONE out there have a schema imported into openldap that will enable
users of outlook to share their free/busy times or point to area where
the free/busy time files are kept (in ical or vcard format).

Any schema's that i could possibly modify to work for me?

Thanks for any suggestions.. 

Terrelle Shaw