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Re: Replication with database-backend

> Hello,
> When using the database backend (slapd-sql), how does one incooperate
> replication for data that gets edited directly in the database and not
> through the master server? Is there a way to accomplish this with
> OpenLDAP?

back-sql does not allow anything like that; you can still develop
a custom solution by writing a trigger (if your RDBMS supprots
triggers) that forces a write to the slaves when data in the RDBMS
is changed.

> I'm trying to find a good solution to present an already existing
> database of user-information via LDAP. Reliability is definately
> important for this application; a single master server depending on the
> database does not satisfy the requirements in this case.
> One possible solution would be to use caching LDAP servers instead of
> slaves. These could forward the requests to the master or, if the
> master is not available, answer from their own cache. Do you think the
> effort would be justifiable trying to modify OpenLDAP to function as
> such a cache or is there simply a better solution?

There is a patch about caching proxies in the ITS contrib directory;
it's being considered, but there is no schedule for its inclusion in
any release, so you should play directly with the patch.


Pierangelo Masarati