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Hints on backend development

Hi there,

I'm new to the group and the primary reason I've joined is that I am currently looking at the latest (stable) source code (openldap-2.0.27) with the view of adding a new backend database extention. So far I've skimmed the backend code and it looks to be quite well structured for this.

However I figured I'm not the first person to do this so I though I'd explain my position and if any anyone has any advice or warnings/hints about development of a new backend it would be very very helpful.

Basicly I have a existing distriubted system (P2P) which uses a custom cleartext protocol to add,modify,delete and fetch infomation about telephone subscribers. Because this system can support anything up to 50 million subscribers I have writen my own "real-time" database functionality which I call Ralphs.

So having had a look it appears I can easily map my database code into a backralphs_info structure and then define a bind/unbind but because I want this to fit into my P2P distributed architecture could so any pointers on referal would be very useful.

Otherwise if you have implemented a backend and remember any sticking points please let me know so I can avoid them..


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