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Re: Starting an Ldap server


if your configuration files fit your OpenLDAP server,
you should strongly consider updating.
your openldap version seems to be a 1.x while 2.1.x is current.

But I found a few glitches in your configs as well:

On Monday 04 November 2002 20:20, Mark Penkower wrote:
> Slapd.conf:
> rootdn "cn=Manager,roycenet,dc=com"
Didn't you miss a dc= before roycenet ?

> roycenet.ldif:
> dn: dc=roycenet,dc=com
> objectclass:dcObject
> objectcalss:organization
Shouldn't this be objectclass ?

> description:Roycefunds
the organization objectclass needs the attrribute o,so add 
o: Roycefunds

There should be blank line between two entries !

> dn:cn=Manager,dc=roycenet,dc=com
> objectclass:organizationrole
MI didn't check this, but I'd suggest a organizationalPerson
or even an inetOrgPerson.
> cn:Manager
> description:Directory Manager

Butt before putting too much work in this consider upgrading !!


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