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Re: Fundamental question on LDAP

> Dear Folks,
> I have installed LDAP and tested several operations of LDAP from several
> months ago.
> Then, I have wanted to apply LDAP to some XML document of e-Business
> application. After some consideration, frankly speaking,  I could not
> find any merit in LDAP. If we use XML document instead of LDAP, I felt
> that it would be enough more efficient.
> For example, for search and modify operation, we can use search and
> modification operation of XML XPATH, some specified soultion, or
> commercial XML DB tool, and so on. For more detailed operations, we can
> use XML database.
> Also, current input description of LDAP(i.e o=*, ou=*, c=*, ... etc)
> does not seem to be effective. If we use XML description(except current
> new description language using XML), it would be more efficient.
> These are my personal opinion. Just I am waiting folk's opinion to shine
> on my small and dull knowledge.
> So, final question is  "what(when) is the reason(time) we should use
> LDAP?"

I think the final question should be: did you read the list charter?
http://www.openldap.org/lists/  I think you didn't.

This message is definitely off-topic.

Pierangelo Masarati