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Fundamental question on LDAP

Dear Folks,

I have installed LDAP and tested several operations of LDAP from several months ago.

Then, I have wanted to apply LDAP to some XML document of e-Business application.
After some consideration, frankly speaking,  I could not find any merit in LDAP.
If we use XML document instead of LDAP, I felt that it would be enough more efficient.

For example, for search and modify operation, we can use search and modification operation of XML XPATH, some specified soultion, or commercial XML DB tool, and so on.
For more detailed operations, we can use XML database.
Also, current input description of LDAP(i.e o=*, ou=*, c=*, ... etc) does not seem to be effective.
If we use XML description(except current new description language using XML), it would be more efficient.

These are my personal opinion. Just I am waiting folk's opinion to shine on my small and dull knowledge.

So, final question is  "what(when) is the reason(time) we should use LDAP?"


Incheon Paik