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RE: compare uidNumber in LDAP

Best practice: search the archive.

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> > My LDAP server's objects contain attribute uidNumber and i 
> want to find
> > out which is the maximum uidNumber.
> 	I have this exact same problem!  Heh.  Let me guess: You want to
> find the maximum uidNumber so that you can increment it by 
> one and assign
> that as the uidNumber for the next entry...?
> > It is trouble that i use ldapsearch to find out which is 
> maxmium so i
> > find in cpan.perl.org.
> 	I haven't tried to solve this problem yet.  I was 
> hoping there was
> some kind of auto-increment feature of LDAP that I haven't found yet.
> But if not, is the best thing to simply run a search?
> 	Surely this is a common problem.  I imagine that the people who
> came up with the posixAccount schema thought of a solution to 
> this, or at
> least, a "best practice".
> 	What does everyone else do?
> Thanks,
> Derek