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Re: Perl-Bakend Segmentation fault

Would be nice to have symbols as well :)

Could you still double check that the 'config' sub routine is in there. An earlier SampleLDAP.pm did not have it, IIRC.

what version of OpenLDAP are you using? OS? Anything interesting with ' -d -1' switch? What version of perl? Did you build it yourself? What does a 'ldd /path/to/slapd' say? What does 'perl -V' say?

I know it is possible to crash OpenLDAP if Perl was built with MULTIPLICITIY and OL was built with threads, because backend backperl does not explicity switch context with perl.

I'd say try to get some of that info together and open a bug in ITS. It may just be that an extra check is necessary before trying to enter the perl subroutines.


Paulo Calçada wrote:
No, i'm using de SampleLDAP.pm that is supplied with source of slapd.

If i remove the perModulePath and perModule from slapd.conf file, the segFault continues to exist.


On Tue, 2002-10-01 at 15:23, Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:

Paulo Calçada writes:

#0  0x810fefc in Perl_pp_method_named ()
#3  0x80cdb88 in perl_call_method ()
No symbol table info available.
#4  0x80a90b7 in perl_back_db_config ()

My guess is that you lack a 'package' declaration or 'sub new {}'. You need that, 'init()', 'config()' if you use configuration lines not handled by slapd, and one method for each of the LDAP calls (search, modify, add, and so on). See 'man slapd-perl'.