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Re: Perl-Bakend Segmentation fault

Could you get a stack trace off that segfault?

OpenLDAP is a little tricky to get a debug build going if you haven't done this before but a stack trace of your core dump would useful.

If you're interested...
i) if your slapd is strip ( probably is, 'file /path/to/slapd' command to tell ), rebuild slapd...
a) first rename your strip binary temporary ( currently there doesn't seem to be any way to tell OpenLDAP build environment to not strip binaries ) or 'ln -s true strip' in a directory before the real 'strip' in your path
b) add "-g" to the CFLAGS environment variable, before building OpenLDAP, leave the source around after rebuilding
ii) start OpenLDAP under GDB ( 'gdb /path/to/slapd' )and run with your usual flags ('gdb_prompt>run -f slapd.conf...'). After the core do a full backtrace, "gdb_prompt>bt f" gdb command.
iii)Post the results


Paulo Calçada wrote:

I'm trying to use de perl-backend with openldap-2.1.5/4, every time i
start the slapd i recive a segmentation fault.

Already somebody used the Perl-backend with success.


Paulo Calçada