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Re: 'simulating' NDS with openldap?

On Tue, 2002-09-24 at 22:49, Adam Williams wrote:
> >i got a NAS Appliance, and expect a nightmare regarding uid/gid mapping
> >:-(
> What software is actually running on the NAS?  Is it actually Novell or
> something else.  I've met a couple of these beasts that are Linux using
> NSS LDAP, in which case your in luck. (BTW, NSS LDAP works with NDS,
> ADS, etc... so it fleshes out their feature list nicely).

it's a microtest zerver. linux, but no nis, ldap, whatever.
worst  case solution would be to use samba w/ ldap as a PDC, because a
windows domain auth is supported.

> >the gizmo is capable of retrieving user information from novel directory
> >service, which of i have not the slightest idea, of course :-)
> >could there be a way to, sort of 'simulate' the behaviour of NDS with
> >openldap, which is my current base for single sign on?
> >i've seen some schema files at novell's homepage...
> I don't believe so.  Last version of NDS I played with had an LDAP
> provider but LDAP wasn't it's lingua franca.  But that was a very long
> time ago.

ic, i thought so, that ldap was just some sort of compatibility module
for nds.


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