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Re: 'simulating' NDS with openldap?

>i got a NAS Appliance, and expect a nightmare regarding uid/gid mapping

What software is actually running on the NAS?  Is it actually Novell or
something else.  I've met a couple of these beasts that are Linux using
NSS LDAP, in which case your in luck. (BTW, NSS LDAP works with NDS,
ADS, etc... so it fleshes out their feature list nicely).

>the gizmo is capable of retrieving user information from novel directory
>service, which of i have not the slightest idea, of course :-)
>could there be a way to, sort of 'simulate' the behaviour of NDS with
>openldap, which is my current base for single sign on?
>i've seen some schema files at novell's homepage...

I don't believe so.  Last version of NDS I played with had an LDAP
provider but LDAP wasn't it's lingua franca.  But that was a very long
time ago.