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Re: LDAP Access Control

Today at 2:42pm, Tony Earnshaw wrote:

> I don't understand the following regex, by the way, after having read
> the necessary: It doesn't make sense to me, but it obviously works:
> [^,]+
> To me it says: "Everything of one character or more, but not including a
> comma." As I said, it works (so does [^,]*), while .+ or .* doesn't.
> What's the difference?

Well, the difference is that "but not including a comma" part.  Without
preventing the comma from being included, your regex would match
something like

cn=Jo Bob,cn=Jim Bob,ou=people ... (can't remember what I snipped)

Also, the * instead of + would allow

cn=,ou=people ...

But you probably wouldn't have one of those in the directory :)

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