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Whats up with SUP?


I just  noticed something really strange when doing searching with ldapsearch. For instance:

$ ldapsearch -x uid=john uid
dn: uid=john,dc=people,dc=foo,dc=com
uid: john
ccUid: zjohn

Note that I get *two* attributes back and not just the 'uid' I requested. 

I am pretty sure this has to do with my schema which defines a custom attribute called 'ccUid' like this:

        attributetype (<myoid> NAME 'ccUid' SUP uid )

ccUid inherits from uid. The same applies to some of my other custom attributes who also exhibits the same thing.

Is this the way it should work or is there something amiss with db-indexes or something like that? 

I thought that using SUP was just a clever way to not having to specify the same SYNTAX and SUBSTR over and over again. 

If this is the way it should be -- are there any other issues/symptoms I should be aware of?

It kinda freaks me out a bit :-)

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