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Re: convert sql where to ldap filter?

Yes, that is correct.  The system I'm working with uses a SQL where
clause as its request.  I would like to query an LDAP implementation and
need to convert it to a filter.

Looks like I will have to develop it on my own.

Sandy Mustard

Ace Suares wrote:
> > man, 2002-09-16 kl. 19:54 skrev Sandy Mustard:
> >
> > > Has anyone have some code snippets that will take in a SQL where clause
> > > and produce a LDAP filter clause?  I would hate to reinvent the wheel.
> >
> > PHP 4.2.3 on Apache 1.3.26/mod-ssl 2.8.10 ? Just begun myself. It's a
> > steep learning curve, Sandy. I don't suppose you'd be inventing the
> > wheel, but, errm ... what comes after one's invented the hub?
> I think that Sandy means, converting something like
> SELECT name,homedir FROM users WHERE user='user1' and
> type_of_user='qmail'
> into
> "(&(objectclass=qmailUser)(uid=user1)) name homedir"
> _ace
> PS I don't know of any such app, by the way.