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Suggest 2.0 -> 2.1 migration.

Forgive my naive question,

I have read the docs on 2.0 and 2.1:

and I still did not know the main differnces between the 2.  I proceeded 
to install them and see what was up.  Well, I found out numerous things 
the first being that when I tried to load my db (from ldif) the schemas 
did not work.  Even if I copied them over from a working 2.0 install they 
would not load (did not surprize me).  I messed around with the db 
backend.  Compiling between the new default and ldbm.

I am in now hurry to upgrade (or should I be), so I want to research this.  
Can someone explain what 2.1 dishes out without just pointing me to the 
release notes?  I have read them but I am unsure of the practacality for 


Caylan Van Larson
Unix Administrator - Systems Team Member
University of North Dakota (Aerospace College)
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