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Re: multiple records sharing data?

Hello, Tony Earnshaw wrote or quoted:
> Did you know that it is possible to have x^n CNs for the same
> record? That the same record can have
> dn="cn=chuck,dc=example,dc=com" and
> dn="cn=cpierce,dc=example,dc=com"? Just like Siamese twins, in fact
> ... as long as the CNs are unique.

Do you really mean CNs?
Or do you mean DNs?

If it is possible to get one record to have more than on 
distinguished name, I would be very happy.
I asked the question in some NG ago, but they say, it wouldn't work.
I tried it with openldap, but ldapadd refused to create such an entry.
(of course, because "dn:" is in LDIF the "sign" for a new record)

Using the Directory SDK I couldn't do it, because the add-Method 
expect exactly _one_ DN for an entry to be added. (and dn is not 
allowed to be an attribute)

My idea is to group people by different criteria.
Some people know their username and could login using it.
Other know their eMail-Address and could login using it.
Applications use some UUID to reference users in order to ensure data 
security (email-Address could be a "secret")

Is it possible?
One record (USER) identified by
"dn:uid=mayer,ou=by_uid,o=corporation,c=de" _and_
"dn:guid="AB23462456456345 ... 345,ou=by_guid,o=corporation,c=de" 

Ingo Schaefer