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Re: multiple records sharing data?

tor, 2002-09-12 kl. 21:07 skrev Chuck Pierce:

> Ok, pardon my ignorance here, but is it possible to have two records in ldap
> share similar data?  For example if I have two login ids (chuck and cpierce)
> and I want to have two records in ldap.  Each would have unique data, accept
> they both would share certain fields (full name, phone number, etc.).  If I
> changed one of those fields (phone number for example) it would automatically
> be updated on the other.  Is it possible to have the ldap server do this for
> me?  Do I need to have a relational database for the backend data (rather than
> ldbm)?

Did you know that it is possible to have x^n CNs for the same record?
That the same record can have dn="cn=chuck,dc=example,dc=com" and
dn="cn=cpierce,dc=example,dc=com"? Just like Siamese twins, in fact ...
as long as the CNs are unique.

Or maybe you wanted different birthdays (evolutionperson.schema) for
both of them; then that's not possible. Neither are different
userPasswords and that sort of thing.

If you can't accept the "different cn solution" above, then I don't
think it's possible. This question's been answered before by Kurt,
during the last couple of weeks - there's no relationship possible
between data in like attributes in different records. You'd need an RDB
for that.




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