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RE: Replicate only a part of the tree

Differentiated replication as explained in Adam Williams' slide
describes differentiation by splitting up your DIT into multiple
databases.  But I think the question here was how to differentiate
replication from a single database.  The only documentation I was able
to find that spoke to that issue is the slapd.conf(5) man page for
openldap-2.1.4 (and perhaps earlier 2.1.x versions).  Under General
Database Options => replica, it states that you can add the following to
the replica command:

". . . An attr list can be given after the attr keyword to allow the
selective replication of the listed attributes only;  if the optional !
mark is used, the list is considered exclusive, i.e. the listed
attributes are not replicated.  If an objectClass is listed, all the
related attributes are (are not) replicated."

I think that's what you're looking for.  However, I haven't tried it
yet.  Has anyone else found that type of granular partial replication to
work as advertised?


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>>im looking for partial replications too.
>>i have looked for at 2.1.4 release but i dont find the doc that you
>>Could you say me what document is?
>Actually, having looked at the Guide (! :-) again, I think your best
>is to look at Adam Williams' ldap3.pdf, page 95 ff, where I think
>find what you're looking for.

You want the "differentiated replication" slide, it should be *near*
page 95. 
As new versions of the document get released the page numbers wiggle
around a bit.