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Slapd dying with seg fault...


  I am using RedHat Advanced Server V2.1 with the openldap packages on it.

  I have about 2600 entries in the database, being used with pam and nss
for authentication.

  Just today, I have disovered that the ldap daemon is frequently dying with
a segmentation fault.  This has been happening when somebody attempts
to access the LAST created record using tools such as finger/id/ssh/su.

  So, it may be a pam/nss issue, but I am unsure.  Is there a good debugging
level to use to track this?  

  This is reproducable when I create another user record in the DB and then
try to access that record (again, with ssh/su, etc).  Accessing the record
before this one now works, even if it failed before when it was the 
last record.
  I.e. - I create user1 - access to user1 bombs slapd.  I create user2, 
access to user2 bomps slapd but access to user1 now works.
  Could this be an end of file thing?

  Thanks in advance for light to shed on this....

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Ken Kleiner
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