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RE: OpenLDAP compared to ...

fre, 2002-09-06 kl. 04:41 skrev Howard Chu:

> > Now, as far as comparing OpenLDAP to other directory servers,
> > the following offers a fair comparison:
> >   http://www.daasi.de/staff/norbert/thesis/
> >   (I don't agree with everything Norbert says... which,
> >    I guess, shows Norbert is being quite fair.)

> Norbert's paper is a good one, I refer to it frequently. Some conclusions are
> a bit out of date. All of the suggestions regarding how to implement
> SASL/EXTERNAL in OpenLDAP are completed. Symas has been using an X.509
> Certificate Authority embedded in slapd since 1999 (it is one component of
> Connexitor). A lot has changed since the 2.0.7 OpenLDAP release that Norbert
> wrote about. (And a great deal of the documentation has been updated to
> reflect these changes, although the docs still lag behind the code.) It would
> be interesting to see how the benchmark results looked today.

This just has to be the "compulsory read of the year" for wannabee
multienvironment LDAP sysadmins. Maybe Norbert would like to rewrite his
thesis (after doing the tests again, with up-to-date directory server
software, on up-to-date hardware), to reflect today's developments.

I'm seriously indebted to Kurt and Howard for breaking out of their
no-sidesteps-allowed-here-kraal for one brief moment, and bringing this
and the other goodies to our attention.




Tony Earnshaw

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