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RE: OpenLDAP compared to ...

At 04:27 PM 2002-09-05, Bruce Greenblatt wrote:
>Before someone says that this is off topic for this mailing list (which
>it sure seems to be)...

Aside from my usual comments regarding staying on topic...

I suggest that anyone determining whether or not to use an
LDAP/X.500 Directory system and a RDBMS (note that one needs
to compare systems to systems, protocols to protocols, not
protocols to systems), should read:


Now, as far as comparing OpenLDAP to other directory servers,
the following offers a fair comparison:
  (I don't agree with everything Norbert says... which,
   I guess, shows Norbert is being quite fair.)

For those who wonder why OpenLDAP doesn't use an RDBM database
as its primary data backend should read: