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Re: Noob configuration issues

tor, 2002-09-05 kl. 04:00 skrev Keith Mastin:

> ps shows no slapd server running. There was no error when starting the 
> server, which it does for every other server daemon I've configured on 
> this system (apache, qmail, etc.)

In spite of others' helpful advice, I'd say that if slapd is not
running, then no ldap clients at all will work.

Suggest you get slapd running first, and then come back for more. Under
which user are you trying to run slapd and does that user have
permissions to open the necessary database and config files?

The fact that you see no log output could mean that slapd is logging to
a different file than the other servers you mention - mine uses
/var/log/slapd.log, 'cos that's what I've told it to.




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