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Re: IPlanet to OpenLDAP migration - few issues

At 11:18 AM 2002-09-04, Frank Swasey wrote:
>From: "Banzaitron" <banzaitron@adelphia.net>
>> Question 1: Is it either possible to export the data without these
>> attributes, or to have openldap ignore those attributes?  Alternatively, I
>> am going to have to write an awk/sed script to strip them out, but was
>> wondering if there was a cleaner solution.
>Use slapadd instead of ldapadd.  slapadd will happily add those operational
>attributes into the database for you.
>> On a similar note, there are a few empty attributes in this directory such
>> as myorgstreet2 in the following LDIF entry:
>> Question 2: Is there any way around this?
>According to the RFC's empty attributes are not allowed.

More precisely... some syntaxes don't allow empty values,
for example, directoryString.  And some do, for example,