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Re: IPlanet to OpenLDAP migration - few issues

From: "Banzaitron" <banzaitron@adelphia.net>

> Question 1: Is it either possible to export the data without these
> attributes, or to have openldap ignore those attributes?  Alternatively, I
> am going to have to write an awk/sed script to strip them out, but was
> wondering if there was a cleaner solution.

Use slapadd instead of ldapadd.  slapadd will happily add those operational
attributes into the database for you.

> On a similar note, there are a few empty attributes in this directory such
> as myorgstreet2 in the following LDIF entry:
> Question 2: Is there any way around this?

According to the RFC's empty attributes are not allowed.  IPlanet broke
faith with the RFC, openLDAP doesn't.  You will have to preprocess your ldif
file to remove them.

> One other issue I have run into:
> Our current setup requires two LDAP instances each with identical looking
> trees, but different data in each instance (don't ask).  iPlanet allows
> to setup two instances on different ports with the same tree structure and
> different DBs, but of course OpenLDAP wants me to have differing suffixes
> for each instance running.

You can use different slapd.conf files for each instance (I think it's
the -c flag to slapd) and thereby have a different backend database
directory for each instance.

Hopefully, that helps.

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