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RE: Have to run slapindex twice

There is a bug in back-ldbm's index management that can trigger this behavior
for databases of moderate-to-large size. This has been fixed in CVS and will
eventually be released in 2.0.26 and 2.1.5 (This is ITS#2039 in the bug
database if you're curious.)

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> I start by loading my LDAP database with ldapadd or slapadd.
> Start slapd and all information imported is available.  If I stop
> slapd and do a slapindex and then restart slapd, some of my LDAP
> information is not available.  In some cases entire branches are
> missing.  If I stop slapd again and run slapindex for the second
> time, all my information is available again.  Am I doing something
> wrong?  Is my version of DB not old enough.
> Linux Red Hat 7.3
> OpenLDAP 2.0.25
> Db-4.0.14
> >From slapd.conf
> index uid,cn,gidNumber,uidNumber,memberUid eq
> index objectClass pres,eq
> Gerry