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Re: Migration from 2.0.23 -> 2.1.4


> Hi there,
> I've done the migration with :
> 2.0.13 - slapcat -f ... -l migrate.ldif
> 2.1.4  - slapadd -f ... -l migrate.ldif

The usual way, ack :o)
> There was no error messages, but after that, when I use my LDAP applics or
> LdapBrowser/Editor, there are some errors :
> ldapsearch give me an reccord :
> ou=Centre cantonal des télécomunications,ou=Direction planification et
> stratégie informatique, ou=DIRE, o=rcv,c=ch
> With, and I can see all attributes OK

Don't really know, what you mean,
but :

v2.1.x doesn't like spaces in the dn's too much !!!

You have two spaces in your dn : ", ou=DIRE, o=rcv,"  !!!

You have to normalize your dn's !!!
So, look at your ldif "migrate.ldif" 
delete all spaces in dn's (or better anywhere, where they 
aren't allowed by RFC, don't know which RFC).

Then simply clear your database in 2.1.4
and do
  2.1.4  - slapadd -f ... -l migrate.ldif
Start slapd and (hopefull) be happy ;o)

> But from the parent level (ou=Direction planification et stratégie
> informatique), I cannot see childrens !!

Above should be the answer.
> Could you help me, please ?

I gave my best.

> Regards
> 	-Alexandre
greets Harry

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