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Migration from 2.0.23 -> 2.1.4

Hi there,
I've done the migration with :
2.0.13 - slapcat -f ... -l migrate.ldif
2.1.4  - slapadd -f ... -l migrate.ldif

There was no error messages, but after that, when I use my LDAP applics or
LdapBrowser/Editor, there are some errors :

ldapsearch give me an reccord :
ou=Centre cantonal des télécomunications,ou=Direction planification et
stratégie informatique, ou=DIRE, o=rcv,c=ch

With, and I can see all attributes OK

But from the parent level (ou=Direction planification et stratégie
informatique), I cannot see childrens !!

Could you help me, please ?