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Re: Help with installing openldap-2.1.4 + solaris8.0

Your install prefix shouldn't be the source directory.

At 05:37 PM 2002-09-02, PavanKumar Sura wrote:
>I am new to this list. I am trying to install OpenLdap on unix machine with out any luck for the past one week. (OpenLdap is required for me to work on OpenCA software which i installed sucessfully).
>I had gone through the documentation and OpenLdap Archieves. Also I treid to install using many help files on the web? no luck yet. I also tried to install the stable version and other version.....:(
>The problem comes at the last command "make install".
>configure, make depend, make, "make test" all work great.
>make install ends with the error
>do \
>      /usr/local/bin/install -c  -m 644 $header
>ura/openldap-2.1.4/include; \
>/usr/local/bin/install: `./lber.h' and
>ap-2.1.4/include/lber.h' are the same file
>/usr/local/bin/install: `lber_types.h' and
>enldap-2.1.4/include/lber_types.h' are the same file
>/usr/local/bin/install: `./ldap.h' and
>ap-2.1.4/include/ldap.h' are the same file
>/usr/local/bin/install: `./ldap_cdefs.h' and
>openldap-2.1.4/include/ldap_cdefs.h' are the same file
>/usr/local/bin/install: `./ldap_schema.h' and
>/openldap-2.1.4/include/ldap_schema.h' are the same file
>/usr/local/bin/install: `./ldap_utf8.h' and
>penldap-2.1.4/include/ldap_utf8.h' are the same file
>/usr/local/bin/install: `ldap_features.h' and
>/openldap-2.1.4/include/ldap_features.h' are the same file
>make[1]: *** [install-local] Error 1
>make[1]: Leaving directory
>make: *** [install-common] Error 1
>When i enter make install a _second time after above error it complains of many missing header files in path to openldap/include directory. The very first file it complained was ldap_cdefs.h which indeed was not there in the include directory. I tried to find it from the web and copied to the include directory which i think is not a right way to do..
>But it then complains about missing ldap_features.h and then
>lber_types.h and then
>lber.h and then
>I guess some thing went wrong while make or make depend or configure.
>Finally i ended up using the help from http://www.cse.sc.edu/~jqu/work/systemadmin/LDAP.html site but still didnot suceed to make install.
>My configuration file is (configure.sura):
>#! /bin/bash
>export CPPFLAGS="-I/home/pkira/BerkeleyDB.4.0/include
>export LDFLAGS="-L/home/pkira/BerkeleyDB.4.0/lib
>-R/home/pkira/BerkeleyDB.4.0/lib -L/home/pkira/public_html/pavansura/openssl-0.9.7/lib
>-R/home/pkira/public_html/pavansura/openssl-0.9.7/lib -L/usr/local/lib
>./configure \
>--prefix=/home/pkira/public_html/pavansura/openldap-2.1.4 \
>--without-cyrus-sasl \
>My machine details are:
>Machine hardware:   sun4u
>OS version:         5.8
>Processor type:     sparc
>Hardware:           SUNW,Ultra-5_10
>The following components are installed on your system:
>Sun WorkShop University Edition 5.0
>      Sun WorkShop Compiler C 5.0
>Since my make test succeeds with all the 15 test (twice second time for LDBM) I guess some thing is to do with configure....or make ....
>Any help would be greatly appreciated...
>I donot have admin previlages on the unix machine so I installed most of the dependent software in a different paths than the default one's.
>Thanks in advance...
>Pavan Sura
>Masters in Computer Science
>Old Dominion University
>Norfolk, Virginia.
>Email: pavan_s@cs.odu.edu.
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