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Re: With TLS/SSL passwd and ldappasswd dont work

Ah, you see, I assumed that you had read the FAQ and hence the
cause of the error must not have been one of the common ones
discussed there.  If your question had actually contained the
clarification you note below, I would have responded with:


At 02:36 PM 2002-08-31, oliver wrote:
>> "lala" is not a valid bind name.  The bind name must be a DN.
>Sorry to disturb you, of cause the binddn is 
>"cn=admin,dc=someorg,dc=somestate,dc=de" I didnt mention it because I was 
>lazy typing, and if someone sets up openldap with ssl/tls partly working 
>-- I thought -- 
>you should know that I know what a dn is. 
>Now I see how stupid this conclusion was. Sorry my fault! 
>Thanks for the reply anyway. ;o)