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Re: Another database

At 02:05 PM 2002-08-31, Aly Dharshi wrote:
>        Thank you very much it worked, but I was under the impression that each database has to have a rootpw and seperate rootdn so to say,

Actually, no database needs a rootdn.  You can rely completely
on ACLs if you want.  And, if a database has a rootdn, it
a rootpw only makes sense to set a rootpw when the rootdn is
within that database's scope.  And even then, the rootpw
is optional.  You can rely on the entry referred to be rootdn
to provide the password.

>so are these global values across databases ?

No. The rootdn directive is per database.

>What would I have to do to have seperate rootpw etc etc.

Set a rootdn which is within that database and then
provide a rootpw for that rootdn.

>        Do I have to indicate different replication directives for this database ?

Yes.  Replication directives are per database.

>        Cheers,
>        Aly.
>Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
>>At 08:48 PM 2002-08-29, Aly Dharshi wrote:
>>>      I have a database dc=reznet,dc=uleth,dc=ca would it be illegal for me to create a seperate database with dc=test,dc=reznet,dc=uleth,dc=ca
>>        database dc=test,dc=reznet,dc=uleth,dc=ca
>>        ...
>>        database dc=reznet,dc=uleth,dc=ca
>>        ...
>>is valid.
>>>      I tried this it shows up in the GQ application but adding anything to the tree gives me invalid credentials.
>>Try using a DN/password which was valid before adding
>>the subordinate database.  Assuming it's not under
>>dc=test,dc=reznet,dc=uleth,dc=ca (which is empty),
>>it should still be valid.
>Aly Dharshi
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