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Re: ldapmodify

Today at 10:53am, lucie wermer wrote:

> with this insert1.ldif file :
> dn: cn=PAIE,ou=Equipe,ou=Groups,dc=org,dc=fr
> add: uniqueMember
> uniqueMember: uid=gsai8,ou=People,dc=org,dc=fr
> I have this answer :
> modifying entry
> "cn=PAIE,ou=Equipe,ou=Groups,dc=org,dc=fr"
> ldap_modify: Undefined attribute type
>         additional info: dn: attribute type undefined

The entry you are trying to modify does not allow the uniqueMember
attributetype.  In short, you need to add an objectclass to this entry
that either requires or allows (MUST or MAY) the attribute uniqueMember.

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