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Hi all !

There's something I really don't understand :

When I try :

ldapmodify  -h tillac -p 1389 -x -D
"cn=Manager,dc=org,dc=fr" -W -f

with this insert1.ldif file :

dn: cn=PAIE,ou=Equipe,ou=Groups,dc=org,dc=fr
add: uniqueMember
uniqueMember: uid=gsai8,ou=People,dc=org,dc=fr 

I have this answer :

modifying entry
ldap_modify: Undefined attribute type
        additional info: dn: attribute type undefined

I really don't understand : the entry 
"cn=PAIE,ou=Equipe,ou=Groups,dc=org,dc=fr" exists ?

Can someone explains me what's happen??

Thanks a lot !


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