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Re: SoftTerra ldap browser

Tyrone wrote:
> What could be causing an "invalid DN syntax error"?
> dn: dc=steeleancestry,dc=org
> dc: steeleancestry.org

You wrote in your DN, that dc=steeleancestry, but in your object properties not.
the RDN schould match.

I suggest reading a book about LDAP itself, the concepts and how to implement.
I've read "Mark Wilcox:Implementing LDAP"
I think, the book is real good, unfortunately a little bit focused on the 
netscape directory server, not openldap.
But the concepts are the same. openLDAP does have less features than the 
netscape product. One thing I missed, is the "dynamic groups"-feature. (Or is it implemented already?)

btw: Is there a book, which focuses on openLDAP?

Ingo Schaefer
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