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Re: space in filter?


Thank you for your fast reply - I would like to ask for a bit of clarification:

At 17:51 28.08.2002, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
Tobias Hofmann writes:


- Is such a search request considered valid, or should there be no such spaces before the search base entry? Reading RFC 2254 did not help me very much on this...

It should

What exactly do you mean by this?
- Is such a request valid?
- Should there be no spaces?
- Should reading RFC 2254 help me on this? :) (just about to gag on rfc 2252...)

- Should then OpenLDAP still find an entry as shown above?


well, it does not, so i will try and update to the current version.

Would an update help me?

The point is that dn matching and so in OpenLDAP has always been made against "naively" normalized DNs until 2.1, where it became consistent with standard track docs. I can't recall significant improvements in 2.0.X (an upgrade is definitely recommended, anyway); at some point 2.0 became able to correctly handle extra-spaces in DNs in ACLs and other places, but I'm not sure about filters (note that extra spaces are deprecated, anyway)

Would you know of a link to an "official" document, so I could have something to give to the vendors of our software, so they might stop putting spaces in their queries? This would be most helpful!

Thank you for your time and input,

kind regards,

tobi... :)

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