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Re: Help with ldapdelete on RH

At 01:12 PM 2002-08-27, Tyrone Steele wrote:
>I'm running RH linux 7.2, and openldap 2.0
>I just CANNOT get an entry deleted from the database.
>What is the proper syntax?
>I'm running the command in the following syntax:
>ldapdelete -x -D "cn=Manager, dc=steeleancestry, dc=org" -w <passwd>
>"uid=<uid>  <ldif_file.ldif
>I get the following error:
>Delete Result: No such object (32)
>ldapsearch gives the following listing for the uid:
>dn: cn=tyrone,ou=Group,dc=steeleancestry,dc=org
>objectClass: posixGroup
>objectClass: top
>cn: tyrone
>userPassword:: <encrypted passwd>
>gidNumber: 504

ldapdelete -x -D "cn=Manager,dc=steeleancestry,dc=org" -w <passwd> \