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Re: ACL in the entries ?

At 06:52 AM 2002-08-27, Carsten Zerbst wrote:
>I need some information on the current status on ACL information stored
>in  the entries, not in an external file.
>The draft-ietf-ldapext-acl-model-xx.txt contained in the sources is
>dated from Jan 2001, is it still the actual version ?

The actual I-D has long since expired... as well as the
IETF effort to standardize a LDAP ACM.

>Are there any examples ?

There are examples of ldapext-acl-model aci's in the I-D...
but don't expect these to work in any LDAP server.

>How far is the support of these attributes by slapd ?


OpenLDAP implements OpenLDAPaci which were loosely based
upon some revision of ldapext-acl-model.  They are
experimental.  As far as documentation for OpenLDAPaci,
see the source and use google.