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Re: OpenLDAPaci not allowed in user-defined object classes

At 07:49 AM 2002-08-27, Michael Weiser wrote:
>objectClass ( NAME 'htwkPerson'
>        DESC 'HTWK Person'
>        SUP inetOrgPerson
>        MUST ( userPassword $ htwkStatus )
>        MAY ( htwkMailingLists $ OpenLDAPaci ))
>( I know, I've used OIDs of the OpenLDAP OID namespace but the directory's
>only for internal, experimental use. )

Then you should know not to do that.  There is plenty of
OID name space reserved for private, experimental use.
For example, 1.1.x is dead namespace so can be used
privately and experimentally without harm to anyone.

And, of course, it only takes one e-mail and a few days
to get your own OID.

Rest of you message ignored... I don't support hijackers.