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RE: "no structuralObjectClass operational attribute" ?

I see that you have hijacked OpenLDAP OID name space.  I
don't support hijackers.


At 07:18 AM 2002-08-27, Darren Gamble wrote:
>Good day,
>> >The message I get with ldapadd (or with any other tool I've used) is:
>> >
>> >
>> >ldap_add: Object class violation (65)
>> >        additional info: no structuralObjectClass 
>> operational attribute
>> This means that the entry has some sort of structural
>> object class problem. Without a copy of the entry (and
>> applicable custom schema, if any), I am not able to
>> determine what the exact problem is.
>Thanks for your reply.  However, I feel that it could be incorrect.  Please
>feel to correct me if I am wrong.
>If I had an objectclass violation, then I would instead get error messages
>with text something like (not verbatim):
>"No structual objectlcass defined"
>"bad structural objectclass chain X/Y"
>... like you have documented in the FAQ.  I would know- as I mentioned, I
>have had to overhaul my data quite a bit to make it import into 2.1.X .  The
>error message states that I am missing an _attribute_.
>I probably should have done this right off the bat: here's a sample entry:
>rovinceCode=ab,rscName=Calgary,ou=RSC,o=Shaw Cablesystems,c=CA
>objectClass: plugIn
>plugInName: TestEntry
>(the dn is one line of course, it'll just get wrapped funny in the mail
>.. and here is the definition for that object class:
>objectclass (
>        NAME 'plugIn'
>        SUP top STRUCTURAL
>        DESC 'Service plugIn for monitoring'
>        MUST (plugInName $ ipAddress)
>        MAY ( <big list snipped> ))
>I certainly don't see anything wrong with that entry.  Works with slapadd,
>not with ldapadd.  I should reiterate that I can add _nothing_ with
>ldapadd/ldapmodify.  No entries at all.  And I've tried lots of different
>objectclasses and records, including very simple ones that only used a
>predefined structural objectclass.  I always get the same error message.
>I am fairly certain that there is nothing wrong with any of the
>objectclasses- but, I could be wrong, of course.
>Darren Gamble
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>Shaw Cablesystems GP
>630 - 3rd Avenue SW
>Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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