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RE: performance tuning issue

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> I am doing some benchmark testing to evaluate openldap
> performance.  The read access is very consistent and meets my
> need.  However the insert performance is very disappointing.  The
> insert new entry operation seems to depend on the size of the
> database linearly.
> I use the ldap server to store customer information.  Each user
> gets it's own sub tree with about 100 entries.  When I test the
> difference between a 500 users vs 5000 users, the insert operation
> (inserting a new user subtree) takes 8 times longer.  I only have
> one index on objectclass.  On my powerbook G4, the time went from
> 2 to 16 secs.  I am using bdb backend. I understand openldap is
> for infrequent insert/updates.  However, perf degradation of 8x
> when database size increases by 10x is still a very big problem
> for me.  I've tried openldap 2.0.15, 2.1.3 and 2.1.4.
> I have the following question:
> What can I do to improve the insert performance?

back-bdb provides very few perf-tuning config options itself because the
Berkeley DB library provides quite a wide range of tuning features. You
should study the Berkeley DB documentation.

> Any compiler options to tweak?

Probably not, but every platform is different. Look in your platform's
compiler documentation.

> Any reading material I should look into?


> In general, any advise on tunning openldap?

It's generally accepted that oak barrels provide superior results for tunning

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