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performance tuning issue

I am doing some benchmark testing to evaluate openldap performance.  The read access is very consistent and meets my need.  However the insert performance is very disappointing.  The insert new entry operation seems to depend on the size of the database linearly.  

I use the ldap server to store customer information.  Each user gets it's own sub tree with about 100 entries.  When I test the difference between a 500 users vs 5000 users, the insert operation (inserting a new user subtree) takes 8 times longer.  I only have one index on objectclass.  On my powerbook G4, the time went from 2 to 16 secs.  I am using bdb backend. I understand openldap is for infrequent insert/updates.  However, perf degradation of 8x when database size increases by 10x is still a very big problem for me.  I've tried openldap 2.0.15, 2.1.3 and 2.1.4.

I have the following question:
What can I do to improve the insert performance?  
Any compiler options to tweak?
Any reading material I should look into?
In general, any advise on tunning openldap?


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