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Re: Multiple Databases and Referrals

At 10:38 AM 2002-08-24, Ace Suares wrote:
>> Have you added the regular entry "oc=isp001,application=cc" yet?
>> When you add a referral object named X to the superior database,
>> you should also add X to the subordinate database.
>Thank you, that worked.
>Something I don't understand: why is it not needed to have
>referral        ldap://
>in the slapd.conf for the subordinate database ?
>Is it because the databases are all on one server ?

referral directive specifies a global superior reference.
It's only used where the server doesn't have specific
knowledge, such as provided by a database.

>Another thing which strikes me is that I get some errors during the 
>ldap operation, like 'parent does not exist', but in the end all 
>entries seem to have been added.

Add operations are either successful or not.  You are likely
being confused by results of preceding operations, subsequent
operations, or off-line activities (such as slapadd(8) additions).

>Is this because the ldapadd is too 
>fast, and it hasn't created the parent yet, but it queues the 
>requests and tries again untill it succeeds ?

ldapadd(1) doesn't do anything like.