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>>>I don't understand what STRUCTURAL,AUXILIARY, ABSTRACT
>>>mean,For example:
>>>( NAME 'dcObject' SUP top AUXILIARY MUST dc )
>>>"AUXILIARY" in the object class definition above may become
>>>STRUCTURAL,ABSTRACT in other object class definition,why ?
>>Read these excellent resources:
>Interesting that the first example in this document (page 9) violates the
>structural model; the object is both an "person" and "account" which are
>structural classes derived from "top".  At least, according to the schema
>that I have...

Good eye!  Elder versions of OpenLDAP didn't enforce those rules (I'm not sure
if current ones do, but I assume future ones will).  The document is about ~2
years in the making and some sections reflect growth in my own understanding
over that time.  

The object in question IS wrong,  I'll add it to my list of fixes.  It should
not be an "account" but a "person" and a "posixAccount"

objectclass ( NAME 'posixAccount' SUP top AUXILIARY
        DESC 'Abstraction of an account with POSIX attributes'
        MUST ( cn $ uid $ uidNumber $ gidNumber $ homeDirectory )
        MAY ( userPassword $ loginShell $ gecos $ description ) )

Thanks for the correction,  I'm more than happy to get more of them.