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RE: ldapmodify returns "No such object (32)" for user besides ROO TDN

Good day,

> I'm pretty much thrashing wildly on this one, so I'm going to try
> updgrading my openldap from 2.0.11 to 2.1.4, and see if that
> helps; but in case anyone is interested:

Well, 2.0.11 is pretty old, so it's probably a good idea to upgrade
> This is the only access control I have in slapd.conf.  I have been
> starting slapd at "-d 255".  I was just trying not to attach too much
> cruft to my emails.
> access to dn=.*
>   by dn="uid=rejpz,ou=Development,dc=channing,dc=harvard,dc=edu" write
>   by self write
>   by * read

The debug output doesn't mean a lot to me, but hopefully others on the list
will be able to help.

The ACL looks OK, as far as I can tell, although I have never used the
"dn="-type syntax

What happens if you try:

- "access to *" (it should be equivalent)
- "by * write" (just for testing) ?

Does slapd have any warnings when it starts up?

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