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Re: Install Make Test Issue

My previous post wasn't terrible clear.

At 07:31 AM 2002-08-19, Lauri Bettencourt wrote:
>I have /usr/bin/ln & /usr/xpg4/bin/ln which are part of the Solaris 8 install. I modified the Makefile in /openldap-2.0.23/tests to call /usr/xpg4/bin/ln and I got the same results during the make test.
>It appears to me that there is a loop created by the Makefile in /openldap-2.0.23/tests which causes the issue.
>from Makefile in /openldap-2.0.23/tests:
>srcdir = .
>@-$(LN_S) $(srcdir)/data .

This command should fail as the current working directory
should contain a directory called "data".  I have no
clue why/how your ln(1) command succeeds in creating a symlink
called "data" in a directory containing an entry for "data".