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Multiple Databases and Referrals


I am new to the list. Sorry if my questions are already documented.

1. Can you point me to some RTFM about multiple databases and 
referrals ? I googled a lot, but could only find very little.

2. I am trying to use 1 (one) openldap server with multiple 

Let's say the first database is: 
suffix: dc=suares,dc=com

and the second is:
suffix: dc=somethingelse,dc=com

and the third is:
suffix: dc=com

and I want to use the dc=com database to search through dc=*,dc=com, 
then I need referrals, right ?

3. If i use a pseudo-ldif file like:

dn: dc=com

dn: dc=suares,dc=com
objectClass: Referral
ref: ldap://,dc=com

dn: dc=somethingelse,dc=com
objectClass: Referral
ref: ldap://,dc=com

dn: cn=info,dc=somethingelse,dc=com
objectClass: person
cn: info

dn: cn=moreinfo,dc=suares,dc=com
objectClass: person
cn: info

Then I would expect that the first 3 entries go into the dc=com 
database, the 4th in the dc=somethingelse,dc=com databasem and the 
last in the dc=suares,dc=com database.

Instead, Only the first goes into the dc=com database, the second 
goes into dc=suares,dc=com, and the third goes into 

These referrals then sit there referring to themselves, and no other 
records can be entered.

I 'solved' this by having a two-stage process that unconfigures the 
subtree databases, restarts the server, enters the first three 
entries, then reconfigures the server to hold all databases, 
restarts the server, and has the last two entries loaded.

Why is this happening, is it supposed to happen like this, or do I 
need to read more on this topic ?

4. I also noticed that configuring f.i. the dc=suares,dc=com 
database so that

referral: ldap://


referral: ldap://

breaks the database. I supposed that subordinate databases needed 
superior knowledge, but it seems fine to work without the slapd.conf 
referral directive.

I hope any of you has answers to my questions.

If anyone can re-phrase my questions to be better understandable, I 
wouldn't mind.

Thanks in advance.

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