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more partial replication

I have reviewed the mailing lists but am seeking a more verbose account
if possible.

I'm interested in what options I have for partial replication to a
central ldap server.

My scenario:

Each organisation in each country maintains their own ldap tree. I want
to then replicate this data from each country into a single tree for the
purposes of a global address book which can be queried.

Each country has the following:

 -- dc=<country>
    -- blah...

I'm hoping then to replicate all this data out to a central server so on
the central ldap tree I'll have,

 -- dc=au
 -- dc=uk
 -- dc=ie
 -- dc=com

Then I can just query one ldap server with a base of o=organisation to
get all the details from all the countries!! :)

Is this doable? I'm seeing a challenge copying the main db files over
when I start replication as each time I'll be overwriting the other
countries db files!!

Is perhaps my best solution to have one master ldap server which gets
updated. Then this entire tree is replicated to each country instead.
Updates by each country are performed to the master which will then
replicate out the changes?? Countries can just query their local ldap
server to get the global information...

Anyway, just a few thoughts..