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Using OpenLDAP instead of NIS with Solaris 9

Hi all,

I want to use OpenLDAP as a NIS-replacement and have no problem using
the PADL-Libraries on Linux (Debian and Redhat).
However, I'd prefer to use the Solaris-libraries on my Solaris-9-clients
which should be easier to administrate. At least, in theory. :-(

Problem: I have Openldap running both on LDAP- and LDAPS-ports. Solaris
successfully get's NSS-information using LDAP without SSL. Passwords
fail, though an SSL-connection is established.
I have no idea what is happening about those passwords. Perhaps Solaris
has an other way to verify them? Is Solaris expecting some certain hash
function? Right now most passwords are crypt, but I'd like to change to
some stronger standard, once the migration to LDAP is done.

Any ideas? Has anybody successfully configured Solaris9 to work with
OpenLDAP? There is lots of documentation regarding Solaris8 on the
web, which does not apply here.

Thanks in advance.